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The Artist

Jordan Miller is a recording artist from New Jersey, who takes on the stage name “Jex”. Her love for piano started at the age of 10, and passion for composing followed shortly after. This passion developed into a drive that led her to begin creating YouTube videos throughout high school. After high school, she attended Ramapo College for a degree in Music Industry. As her first year of college came to a close, she made a connection with John DeGrazio, an A&R who took interest in her unique vocal sound. The connection led her to Jason Davis, Founder of the entertainment industry firm “One One 7”.  After teaming up with him, she began to pursue recording arts full force, and dropped out of college.

Through One One 7, she has cowritten 4 songs with singer/songwriter Chris Cron, and recorded her first single, “Guiding Light” in Nashville with producer Matthew Bronleewe. While working in her South Jersey hometown, she connected and signed with the publishing company HHBFM. Currently, she is working with HHBFM and One One 7, and writing independently. Jordan’s dream is to make a name for herself through music, and she does not intend on stopping until that dream is a reality.

The Music

“Guiding Light” is the first single from Jex. This song was cowritten by Jordan Miller and Chris Cron shortly after meeting for the first time. It was produced by Matt Bronleewe. The pop ballad express’s Jordan’s experience as she struggles to be a light for a friend battling addiction.